The Flatmates From Hell – Pt. 2 The Halloween​ party

So its the end of October, there is screaming fights ever single night.

Till 4 or 5am. Not the fights where you can sleep through it. And honestly I was worried. I wanted these two people to get on. To sort their lives out and work it out. They definitely care about one another. They were extremely passionate about what they had and were willing to fight for it.

Roll around the end of the month and we all thought it would be a fantastic idea if we threw a house warming party/halloween party. A great gathering where we can drink sangria and meet friends of friends. However ‘Mr.B’ was not a fan of this. At. All. In fact he didn’t want it to happen though he was told it was going to happen. 4 against 1.

I went to work. Came home to a raging party and then I got changed into my costume and went and partied like a good kid. ‘B’ was nowhere to be found.

The party was going great. Fantastic banter was flying everywhere and it was just swell. Then ‘B’ turned up at midnight and demanded that everyone leaves. For a few reasons but mostly that he had work in the morning. This would be totally valid and I would respect that except for 1 things.

  1. He hadn’t been to two in three weeks.

I was drunk and literally said “this has to be a fucking joke”.

This became the one saying I would repeat to myself for the next two months. Over and over again.

So people left the house and trickled into Ponsonby for the evening and I disappeared into town with Freya (we ran out of the house into an uber, always too much fun with that gal).

A few hours later, came home. ‘B’ was up and I think ‘A’ had gone to Ponsonby with Emma*. There was some random dude on the couch watching TV with ‘B’. I took a shower and went to bed.

The morning came around real quick and I got up to start cleaning and then I noticed that a few things we missing. I mean its a house party, if nothing was stolen you didn’t have a party.

My 21st bottle of champagne was gone (I found it empty) and some other things were gone but it wouldn’t be till much later. Once the house was clean that ‘B’ comes asking me if I knew where his phone was.

He often misplaced things (like me) but he couldn’t remember when or when he had it last. He then thought I had taken it-because I cleaned the house. Keep in mind these people keep mac books slid under the couches. This phone could of been any where.

So instead of going to work. Like he had said, he just searched for his phone and once he had decided it had been stolen proceeded to tell us all that we would be paying for the phone. Which then Emma* voiced that quite a few of her things we missing as well and my champagne though we weren’t asking for money for them.

So he went out and bought himself a new $1500 phone on a 24 month plan and was rather chuffed with it all. Though he hadn’t been to work in three weeks…but that is none of my business right?

‘A’ & ‘B’ were still screaming at each other and I began to notice that Emma* didn’t seem to be her 100% self. Off and quiet she would go from ‘tea sipping sweetheart’ to all ‘nighter, crawling home at dawn’ gal. No middle ground there friends.

On a side note you should know a couple of things.

  • Jamie and I had yet to pay our bond.
  • My old flatmates are reading these posts.
  • This was the end of October.


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