So if you chat to anyone who knew me in my childhood, especially my mother. They would tell you that my bedroom was a bomb site. No floor, no space, just mess. But fast forward to Seren as a 22 year old and you will find me in my room, bed made, floor clean, simple.

Now I will be honest right now; I mean when am I never not honest, but I still suck at keeping things tidy ALL the time. Because I am human.

So how did I go from a girl who literally could’t keep her room clean to a girl who needs to have it clean to even function?

  1. Give everything a place. I mean everything. Socks, perfume, university books, handbags, spray bottle for my bonsai. Everything has a spot. You could ask me where something is and I can led you straight to it. That makes for less mess.
  2. Make you bed every day. Coming home to a made bed is bloody bliss.
  3. Colour co-orridanate your wardrobe. Follow the old school ROYGBIV. Begin with black, head to grey and end on white. Jackets one end. Delicate items at the other end. I have two sections and know where to look for a piece of clothing.
  4. Get organised. Have a laundry basket, a rubbish bin and a shoe rack. And always put your shoes away when you take them off.
  5. Hang your keys up. I do this every time I come home. Right by my light switch. You know where they are and you can’t miss them when heading out the door.
  6. Put things on trays. I hit the op shop and found glass trays. Put all my perfume on one and on the other my camera and some nick backs. One way to look classy but its easy to do.
  7. If your room is too much to handle begin with your pantry. Sorting it out into sections will make you know what is in your cupboard but also make you even more happy when you go to make dinner.
  8. Find the things that give you joy because of memories and put them on display. If its photos, little trinkets or a damn plant. Put it out there. Someone will see it and ask you about it.
  9. My best friends are very tidy people. Though they may not think it. Jared always has a tidy room. It. Is. Never. Messy. Thalia, knows where all her gym gear is. Her protein and her gym shoes. Claire, seems to know where everything is regardless of the environment. Car, room, computer file. That girl is organised. You will already be tidy at something. Could be your diary. The way you cook. How you get ready in the morning. You just need to pay attention and apply to the rest of your life.
  10. Once you have a tidy space, don’t say “I will never let it get like that again.” Rather say; “I will keep it tidy by putting things away that disrupt my hard work.”

You have to think about being tidy as this immediate reward. No one hates a tidy room. Expect when your me and you tidy your room and then immediately loose something. I have that power. But remember you won’t have to keep reminding yourself to keep things tidy. It will become habit. It took me a while but it does happen.

You should know I still hate doing laundry and honestly I suck at trying to put it away. I can feel my mother laughing and nodding now. Yes Jenny I am still learning. I have that terrible habit of putting clean laundry in the washing basket and then it not making its way to the draws…

So put your laptop down, your phone and go and make your bed. Just start there. Then pick everything off your floor and put it on your bed and get going. You won’t regret it. I would love to see some before and after photos. Send them to me on snap chat seren.pj!



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A pretty sassy 25-year-old​ living in New Zealand.

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