The Flatmates From Hell: Pt 5 the little things

So we pick up where we left off. Emma, was well dealing and the rest of the house had no clue. She would be gone for three days to a week at the time. Back and forth from the unit, medication changing and life just continued on.

Jamie was struggling at work due to the lack of sleep, I was working at my new job getting home at around 1am after being on my feet for 6 hours. Creeping into the house I could always hear B playing his video games from the mouse clicking and chair re shuffling.

We had been the house now for a couple of months. Emma wasn’t home, away at the unit again. Jamie was in bed.  I went to go make something to eat, maybe toast. However there were dishes everywhere, the sink was full and I wasn’t going to clean up someone else’s mess, not for what felt like the 1 millionth time. I also then remembered that we still had no vacuum cleaning. I  had been sweeping the floors and been told that B’s step dad was going to give us one. Two months deep, two months of filth. I was falling apart at the seams. So I didn’t make toast, I thought a tasty shower would be better.

I put my phone down, jumped in the shower, washed away the day then got out and picked up my phone. I tried not to scream. Or smash my phone. Or wash my soul in bleach. I simply dealt with the situation like a boss, and sent this very aggressive message.

“Hey team sorry about the late message and the late shower. 1. I don’t care if you trim your bodily hair. 2. I do care when you use the kitchen scissors and then leave a disgusting fucking mess in the bathroom. Please clean this immediately. Thank you.”

B had trimmed his beard hair with the kitchen scissors and then just left them strewn everywhere, the floor, the bench, the sink. IT WAS TOUCHING MY TOES! My clean toes. I just wanted a shower. When I picked up my phone and it had a film of hair on it, then I am sure you can understand why my aggressive message was sent.

So I ask you now to do the math. No vacuum cleaner, a couple who didn’t care, a boyfriend who could barely sleep, a flat mate who was in and out of the psychiatric unit, I was starting to crack.

This wasn’t what I signed up for and well I am literally living in filth. So I washed my feet again, crawled into bed only to hear A and B start arguing. Again.



The Flatmates From Hell: Pt 4 Emma escaped.

So we last finished knowing that Emma wasn’t okay. The truth was she seemed to be falling apart. Jamie and I sat down and talked seriously about the welfare of her. Who has last seen her eat or even buy food. We saw her smoking but nothing else. So we took it on ourselves to take care of her between us because A & B just did not realize what they were doing. When I was at work Jamie would cook and make her sit down with him and have dinner. I would make cups of tea and time to just sit with her. There were good days when she would make her own breakfast because I was in the kitchen and then there were bad days of binge drinking and drugs.

Though one day came around when she turned up at home after 3 nights out, with someone I had never met before. Standing in her door frame I watched her start to pick up her clothes. She said she was going away for a bit. I asked for how long and she replied with “when they decide its safe to let me out”. She told me she had been seeing a therapist and that part of her treatment was to go and stay in the ‘unit’ for a few days. She was honest and she looked hopeful. Her friend was taking her there and as she picked up her last pair of tights and colorful jumper she turned on her heels and thanked me.

It was about two days later when I was at home studying. B was in his room playing video games because his hand hurt and he couldn’t go to work. (5 weeks without going to work here people). I remember every single detail. Like a flash bulb memory. The Neighborhood was playing female robbery. The wind was blowing gently through our french doors and I was sitting on the bed thinking about what I will make for lunch when there was a knock at the door. I ignored it. Ponsonby gets many door knocker. They knocked again. I stuck my head out into the hall. I wasn’t wearing pants. I put pants on for important things. I saw an outline in the glass. Dark, tall and then this person knocked on the door but with much more urgency this time. This. Was. No. Door. To. Door. Salesman.

Slipping on my grey fat pants I pulled my cardigan around me and opened the door. The radio struck me first, followed by the taser. My eyes flicked over his body and I didn’t even hear his name though he introduced himself. Standing before me was a police officer. He wanted to come in. I said yes and asked how could I help. I was thinking about all the different reasons he could be here. You have no idea how fast your mind can flick through ideas till its happening.

He was looking for Emma. Why? Oh she had just escaped the unit and they were thinking she was going to turn up at home. I offered him a cup of tea and asked if I could ask him about the situation. I explained that half of her ‘home’ didn’t know what was going on. Or where she had gone. He denied my cup of tea for a glass of water. He said he didn’t know that much but asked me if he could search the house. I said yes. So through the house he went. Though not into B’s room because I warned the officer that she wouldn’t be there due to the smell and the cohabitant. He smiled and simply explained that Emma is really unwell mentally and needs to go back to the unit. He said it was extremely important that if she does turn up I was to call him. His name was Stewart and he looked into my soul to see if I was lying about anything. I was not lying, though I was sweating and not thinking about lunch.

I don’t remember when she slipped through the door. I think she might of climbed through her window though she suddenly appeared in the kitchen. She knew the police would be here soon and she asked if I had seen any. I said no.

Lying. I do not like it. She said she was calling a cab and going back to the unit. She had only left because she wanted a break. Honestly, I was freaking out. She grabbed a glass of juice, a smoke and her tooth brush. Jumped into a cab and then I ran back to my room called Stewart and told him what had just happened. He said he would call me back only if she didn’t turn back up. He never called. She came home a week later. With prescriptions and appointments every 3 days. A and B still had no idea. As far as they were concerned she was out enjoying life, maybe on a surf trip or with friends. Emma was very good at hiding things. That I learnt.

The Flatmates From Hell – PT3: The Reveal of True Colours

As we continue in a downwards spiral into this hell house things actually got a little bit better.  A & B had stopped screaming at one another and Jamie and I started to get some sleep.

But like all good things; they have to come to an end. Oh boy oh boy did they. There is one vital person we have been skimming over because only now does their story become relevant to this tale of all tales. Emma*, young but well traveled gal had been sitting on the outside and was constantly looking in. Just like Jamie and I. Though we were to find out that this girl would be dealing with it all in a very different way. First, she lost her job. 90 days came up and her contract was not renewed though she wasn’t put off by it all she soldiered on.

It was a quiet Tuesday night and Jamie, Emma and myself were home. A, had not come home after work and she texts to explain that her and B have broken up (again). We said we were here for her if she needed anything. B, though was in their room and he wasn’t very happy. (A, was rather cute if I am honest so I could understand, though I don’t think that now.) He wanted to talk with her and try win her back and took her car to her work. Picked up a bottle of vodka and told her through texts that he was going to pick her up and take her to the park to get drunk like they did when they first got together (how romantic).

The trio of us were kinda worried. She was being forced into a situation, to drink to be manipulated by a guy who she had just broken the heart of. You do the math here guys.

6 hours rolls by. We hear nothing though we said; stay in contact. Get so worried we contact her sister. Shes even more worried. She knows B was manipulative. Calling her sister was a big move, I get that. Her sister came round, worried and scared of what might be happening out in the dark.

Still we waiting hearing nothing from A. In this time Emma* was drinking. At quiet a fast pace though my hospo eyes didn’t spot that. She was rather tipsy in the corner. Quietly drunk one could say. Then A & B turned up. She stumbled through the door holding a bottle of vodka that had a significant dent in it. B, walked through the door and straight to his room. A, came into the living area to see her sister and flat mates sitting there waiting for her.

She was not impressed. She was drunk and angry. Asking why her sister was here, yelling at us because she was fine (drunk) and her and B were back together. Though I think she may have forgotten, till we told her that we knew they had broken up.

B, was still in his room and A’s sister wanted to chat with her about what had been going on. So A, poured two drinks and took her sister to Emma’s room where they chatted for a little bit till A came running out asking if Emma wanted a drink (and when you are already drunk, drinking straight vodka seems like a great idea). So for the next little while they made an even bigger dent in the cheap vodka.

So now Emma and A are really drunk. Whilst A’s sister is sober like myself and Jamie looking at this now even more fucked up situation.

The night progresses and it heads down hill. I walk into the bath room and there is Emma, passed out on the ground. She doesn’t respond to me when I try to wake her and I tell you now I thought she was dead for three seconds.

I call Jamie, tell him to get the car ready and that we are going to hospital. I get a jersey, walk back into the bathroom where Emma is now sitting up and get more clothes on her so we can leave. Then A walks into the bathroom. Freaks out at the situation (like any drunk white girl) and starts screaming at me (again). I tell her that Jamie and I are going to take her to hospital and we would keep her updated.

Well, she wanted to come didn’t she. Because she cared so deeply about this 19 year old who she had now got so intoxicated that she couldn’t tell me her own name. Jamie had the car ready, B and I carried this girl to the car where A and put herself in the back seat and now was screaming at her boyfriend B to get in the back. Jamie has a two door car. Which means 4 seats. No room for all of us.

A is already seat belted into the back seat and I managed to reason with B to stay behind and if he really wants to come in, to drive and meet us there.

So whilst Emma started to stir in the front seat she also started to reveal her current mental health. She started freaking out. Quick head movements, wide eyed and clutching at what ever she could grab. In this case it was her seat belt and the door. You can imagine Jamie is now  watching her so she doesn’t grab the hand break. This girl is having an anxiety attack thanks to the alcohol. Needless to say Jamie sped to the hospital.

As we pulled into Auckland City A&E a security guard spots us, gets a wheel chair and then spots A is the back of the car. His head tilts to the side to take a better look at her through the Toyota Levin. I am now out of the car with Jamie trying to get Emma transferred to a wheel chair. With the help of the security guard we begin the descent inside. Explaining to the nurse that she has had too much to drink and seems to be very agitated she asks Emma if she had taken any drugs. Straight up, blunt in the middle of the reception.

I didn’t even think of that. And everything starts to click. Though Emma doesn’t respond she turns looks up at me and clutches my hoodie and buries her face into my stomach. That look is burnt into my eyes. I thought drugs was the reason she was acting this way. But her toxicology results reveal a clean but drunk blood count.

The nurse tells us to go through the doors where we will be taken to a bay. Keep in mind I have just filled out the paper work for Emma and A is having a go at Jamie for a range of things. It’s 1am. I am tired and we have a long night ahead. All anyone wants is silence except for A.

Emma is just about to get onto the hospital bed with a fair amount of coaching, shes on her feet and for a brief second I feel proud of her for not losing it completely to an anxiety attack. Then A turns to the nurse who was there to put an IV line in for fluid and says the worst 7 words.

Are you going to pump her stomach? 

I have never wanted to punch someone in the throat so hard in my life. Jamie walked out of the room and Emma is now grabbing me and refusing treatment. There is a security guard in the door way watching A because she looks like shes on a damn boat with 15 meter swells. The nurse who is now quickly running out of any sort of patience  for the situation says “No, shes clearly awake. We just want to give her fluids.”

I am now staring at the ceiling, trying not to stab myself in the eyes. After what feels like forever Emma finally gets into the bed and A is now on the phone to B.

She said; “Imagine the worst thing to ever happen to you. Now times it by 10, then by 100 then by 1 million and add two. Because that is what I am dealing with. Seren and Jamie are such horrible people. Emma is okay, but I will stay with her. You should come up so we can take care of her.”

I turn to the security guard and ask if A can be removed. Shes drunk and causing more problems. He asks her to take her conversation outside as a hospital ward is no place for a phone call. What A didn’t realize was that the doors are one way. You have to be allowed back in. And she wasn’t going to be. So being ‘polite’ she wandered down the hall and out to automatic doors.

Praise the Baby Jesus it is now just me, Emma and Jamie is a darkened room. We had to calm Emma down to get her through the whole needle ordeal. But we were half an IV bag deep when she rolls over to look me in the eyes and begins to cry.

Jamie is asleep in the chair and she quietly says to me “I’m not okay”.

I simply replied with “that okay, I am here. I will be here when you wake up so close your eyes and try get some rest.” She fell asleep holding my hand.

Its now about 2.45ish. The nurse comes in to give her a new saline IV bag.

Emma wakes close to 4am and wants to go home. She wants her own bed. I wake Jamie get. Emma gets discharged and we walk in silence to the car. The radio is playing quietly in the background.

I put Emma into bed, where she tells me again “I’m not okay.”

I sit on her bed which is on the floor and tuck her in. I am pushing the blankets up around her face and remind her that Jamie and I are here for her. No judgement. No questions. Just here if she needs us.

I close the door, climb into bed with Jamie who is now passed out in bed and lay awake till his alarm goes off for work. I thought about all my action of that night. I agree with A that calling her sister was not necessary and that I should say sorry for that. I try not to get angry at her drunk comments and actions. I lay awake for hours thinking about the look Emma gave me and how she simply said that she wasn’t okay.

I fall asleep as Jamie heads to work and quietly give myself a reality check. Everything that just happened, the night that just unraveled was a Tuesday night. And all I can think to myself is that is can’t get worse than that.

When you reason with yourself that it cannot get worse is like knitting a safety web. It doesn’t exist because you are lying to yourself. A kind of sick joke waiting like a bomb to go off. This was the middle of November.

The Flatmates From Hell – Pt. 2 The Halloween​ party

So its the end of October, there is screaming fights ever single night.

Till 4 or 5am. Not the fights where you can sleep through it. And honestly I was worried. I wanted these two people to get on. To sort their lives out and work it out. They definitely care about one another. They were extremely passionate about what they had and were willing to fight for it.

Roll around the end of the month and we all thought it would be a fantastic idea if we threw a house warming party/halloween party. A great gathering where we can drink sangria and meet friends of friends. However ‘Mr.B’ was not a fan of this. At. All. In fact he didn’t want it to happen though he was told it was going to happen. 4 against 1.

I went to work. Came home to a raging party and then I got changed into my costume and went and partied like a good kid. ‘B’ was nowhere to be found.

The party was going great. Fantastic banter was flying everywhere and it was just swell. Then ‘B’ turned up at midnight and demanded that everyone leaves. For a few reasons but mostly that he had work in the morning. This would be totally valid and I would respect that except for 1 things.

  1. He hadn’t been to two in three weeks.

I was drunk and literally said “this has to be a fucking joke”.

This became the one saying I would repeat to myself for the next two months. Over and over again.

So people left the house and trickled into Ponsonby for the evening and I disappeared into town with Freya (we ran out of the house into an uber, always too much fun with that gal).

A few hours later, came home. ‘B’ was up and I think ‘A’ had gone to Ponsonby with Emma*. There was some random dude on the couch watching TV with ‘B’. I took a shower and went to bed.

The morning came around real quick and I got up to start cleaning and then I noticed that a few things we missing. I mean its a house party, if nothing was stolen you didn’t have a party.

My 21st bottle of champagne was gone (I found it empty) and some other things were gone but it wouldn’t be till much later. Once the house was clean that ‘B’ comes asking me if I knew where his phone was.

He often misplaced things (like me) but he couldn’t remember when or when he had it last. He then thought I had taken it-because I cleaned the house. Keep in mind these people keep mac books slid under the couches. This phone could of been any where.

So instead of going to work. Like he had said, he just searched for his phone and once he had decided it had been stolen proceeded to tell us all that we would be paying for the phone. Which then Emma* voiced that quite a few of her things we missing as well and my champagne though we weren’t asking for money for them.

So he went out and bought himself a new $1500 phone on a 24 month plan and was rather chuffed with it all. Though he hadn’t been to work in three weeks…but that is none of my business right?

‘A’ & ‘B’ were still screaming at each other and I began to notice that Emma* didn’t seem to be her 100% self. Off and quiet she would go from ‘tea sipping sweetheart’ to all ‘nighter, crawling home at dawn’ gal. No middle ground there friends.

On a side note you should know a couple of things.

  • Jamie and I had yet to pay our bond.
  • My old flatmates are reading these posts.
  • This was the end of October.


The Flatmates from Hell – PT 1

The end of October 2015 Jamie and I had finished our lease in Auckland City and were ready to escape to the suburbs. A couple looking for a room is no easy feat but we stumbled on a house that was beautiful. Though it had a crazy bedroom.

Faced with a flat viewing we made ourselves look normal and we had planned to go out for dinner in Ponsonby after. We walked up the steps to 46 Norfolk Street on a rainy Friday evening to be greeted by a couple who were rather friendly.

They showed us around the house. The house was a new lease and it was empty. For a villa is was stunning. Wooden floors, huge living area, great backyard and the bathroom. So big I could choreograph a show in there. It was a perfect find.

The couple (who have asked not to be named) we can call them A & B*. They had been together for a while. They both have degrees and liked cats.

Jamie and I thought they were just a great match for us. Arts to arts. Games to games. This was going to be fantastic. Smart, kind people. We moved in mid October, the week of my birthday. We were told that a girl who was 19 would be moving in next week and for this post we shall name her Emma*.

Monday rolled around and we moved in with help from our friends, taking multiple trips to get out of a tiny apartment. I was at the end of my degree and was in show week. Between the theatre, work , rehearsals and day to day life we moved in and it was going great.

My birthday dinner came about and we went out into the city, drinks and laughter ensued. The new flat mates had brought me a card and a bottle of rose even though they barely knew me. These people we so kind and this was going to be great.

Jamie returned that evening to a police car in the drive and two police officers in our house ‘A’ was crying in the living room and  ‘B’ was locked in his room. He had called the police on her. Female assaults male. A domestic violence call in New Zealand is not taken lightly.  Jamie who aspires to be a policeman knew that this was no small incident. He listened to ‘A’ give her report of events.

She had been taking a shower, come back into the room and asked ‘B’ to get off the bed so she could make it and go to sleep as she had work in the morning. He refused saying it is his bed and that he can do as he pleases. So she went to take his computer  (which is a worth close to $10,000, this guy spent all his money on it) off her desk because it is hers and she can do as she pleases with it. That included having it with no computer on it. He freaked out. Yelled at her. She resisted physically and he picked her up in her towel and tried putting her in the hallway. She punched him in the head because she was now naked and didn’t want her new flat mates seeing her naked.

She was banned from the house for 24 hours notice as protocol by the police. We had coffee with her. I said she should leave him. (Clearly, I don’t take shit from no one). She said they had fights before but he had never called the police before.

24 hours later, they wouldn’t apologize to one another and we were now witnessing World War Three.

This is week one.

*Name changed for confidentiality