How did this happen?

Well its quiet funny, I have had a tumblr blog for about 7 years and mate we all know that having one of those made you ‘one of those kids’ but for me it was about seeing what was out there and a constant distraction from study. So I upgraded to having a ‘proper’ blog and came up with Hidden Under The Covers. A place where I can write about anything and some people can read it too. Little did I know that y’all would like it son damn much. I have reached people on the other side of the world all thanks to you. In the beginning it was a hobby. As in if I had time I would sit down to write about something that had been going on. And now I have been messaged from people telling me that they love reading my blog, that I have made their day, or that they can relate to what is going on. Its extremely humbling to have such fantastic support out there. You guys really make my day. So every time I write I hope that you are enjoying what I am writing and if you at any point want me to write about something then message my Facebook page. Or just post it! FACEBOOK PAGE. From the bottom of my heart, thank you. 535935_1001015263249169_2807239253130420681_n





P.s this my face shot by Claire Aickin Photography. She makes me look like this. Magic. I know.